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DynaRisk is global cybersecurity firm which uses intelligence-led data to calculate personalised Cyber Security Scores for its customers, so that they know how safe they are online and whether they are at risk or have been exposed to any data breaches. DynaRisk alerts people of threats and encourages them to act to protect themselves against future attacks, through easy to follow steps that help remove threats to keep their business and personal data safe online. DynaRisk offers training and empowers people to make the changes they need to improve their Cyber Security Score, so they can stay protected and enjoy all the benefits of the internet without worrying about their online security.

Press releases

Think your data is secure? Think again! Third-parties are leaking your...

DynaRisk reports several leaks concerning global online shopping brands, exposing over 1.4 billion data records. Data records including email... read more

13.02.2020 • By DynaRisk